Specimens - Marion Sidebottom

Marion Sidebottom

Photographer & Artist

In 2013 I created an art installation and photographic project which was a fictional recreation of Charles Darwin's  Victorian study based on the theme 'Specimens'. There were three elements to the project: photography, mixed media models and assemblage.

The many Charles Darwin connections in this project include a visit to the Darwin Centre at the Natural History Museum, London to see their spirit jars, a visit to Cambridge University Zoological Museum to see Darwin's original specimens from his voyage on the HMS Beagle, and a visit to Darwin's study at Downe House during my research of Victorian collectors.

Whilst at Cambridge University Zoological Museum I was given special permission to photograph there. During my exhibition I assembled my photographs of spirit jar specimens on false shelves on the wall as a collection of images but also to represent real specimen's in Darwin's study.

The bookcase was filled with an assemblage of real and fictional sprit jar specimenswhich I created in mixed media i.e. latex, clay, wire, textiles and handmade lampwork glass.  I handmade the jar labels and used calligraphy to simulate that they were original specimens collected on the HMS Beagle voyage.

The compartmentalised print drawer sitting on the open shelf of the writing desk was an assemblage of actual specimens from my life.  I am a natural collector of curiosities and each compartment was filled with rocks, seeds, teeth, fossils and other botanical materials. During the exhibition children could come up and view the specimens using a magnifying glass.

I also created some illustrations of spirit jar specimens in lino cuts shown below.

My aim was for it to be an interactive exhibition which drew in the viewer's natural curiosity to inspect the specimens in all three forms and to inquire whether they were real or fictional.

27 - Specimens (c) Marion Sidebottom

Art InstallationMarion SidebottomSpecimens 2013