Tree Story Photomontages - Marion Sidebottom

Marion Sidebottom

Photographer & Artist, MA, ARPS

These photomontages are best viewed as full size prints in the exhibition to reveal the hidden details.

Ecotones create music in the forest Marion Sidebottom, 2018, Giclee Fine Art print, 36.96 x 20.8 inches

In this image Andy Deane, a tutor for the Field Studies Council is running a course on Woodland Ecology and Management. I attended this course, along with a wide range of people with both professional or personal interests for learning about forest management. It was an intensive course which included a morning classroom session and two field visits. One of the key points I picked up on was the importance of Ecotones. Ecotones are the transitional areas between two ecosystems such as the forest and a path or grassland. These areas are important environmentally as they act as a bridge between the two areas, creating a buffer zone that is often rich in wildlife, hence the analogy to 'music in the forest'.

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