Tree Story Photomontages - Marion Sidebottom

Marion Sidebottom

Photographer & Artist, MA, ARPS

These photomontages are best viewed as full size prints in the exhibition to reveal the hidden details.

Everything is interconnected Marion Sidebottom, 2018, Giclee Fine Art print, 36.96 x 20.8 inches

I have met Tricia Moxey in various guises over my year here. Her life has been intertwined with the forest since 1970 when she moved here with her husband who was the first warden of the Field Centre at High Beach. She is an educator and naturalist with a deep passion for the forest and trees. We talked and talked about the environment, forest ecosystems, fungi, pressures on the forest, and the interconnections between all living things. Although she has now retired, she volunteers for many groups in Epping Forest and is keen to share her knowledge with anyone who shows an interest.

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