Marion Sidebottom

Photographer & Artist, MA, ARPS

Commercial & Location Photography

Visual images are a powerful tool to tell your story on a personal or organisational level. I am to create a unique viewpoint or perspective to emphasise the features that make a place, person or organisation special. This is achieved through sound knowledge of technical and compositional techniques, using natural light to the best effect and creative post production.

My location photography embraces the concept of ‘Topophilia’ which comes from the Greek word topos “place” and -philia “love of” and means a strong sense of place. Through careful research and spending time on location I create images which aim to capture the essence of a place and make connections with the viewer. These connections could be cultural, historical, environmental, aesthetic or emotional. I hope that my images can evoke a sense of well-being, a desire to visit or a need to protect a place.

In my commercial photography I use my creative skills to show an organisation’s work, products and/or manufacturing processes with an engaging viewpoint and can capture staff in environmental portraits or simple headshots. During a commercial shoot, many different photography skills come in to play such as wide-angle architectural shots, capturing high speed manufacturing processes, macro product photography and people portraits. I always enjoy the challenge of these new and interesting environments.

I have won awards in UK and International competitions and my work has been featured in the Times, Guardian, East Anglian Daily Times, Royal Photographic Society Journal, Essex Life Magazines amongst many other publications.

Testimonial Carrs Flour

I found out about Marion after seeing her excellent work with Maldon District Council in producing the tourist information booklets. Her pictures in that publication told a story and it was exactly what we where looking for for our business. From the very first communication with Marion, she has been extremely helpful and patient in interpreting our ideas, her professionalism is second to none. She has a keen interest in everything she shoots. Her enthusiasm pours out of her and is extremely contagious!  We have used Marion several times, both for internal shots of the flour mill and for relaxed people shots of our staff and customers on board a traditional Thames barge. She finds the most amazing angles of the most mundane items and manages to bring them to life!  We have been extremely pleased with the outcome of all the photos, a very fast turnaround speed through the editing process helps to keep our excitement under control!  We have used the shots for internal marketing, social media, in trade publications and in the press. They are considered an asset to our company. Having a library of professional shots of your business is an absolute must. I would highly recommend anyone and everyone to use Marion. She can really help your business to tell your story.

Kindest Regards

Simon Cheek  | Sales Manager