Marion Sidebottom

Photographer & Artist, MA, ARPS, RHS Silver Gilt

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Photomontage 'Climbing, Challenging, Conserving'

Climbing, Challenging, Conserving, Marion Sidebottom, 2018, Giclee Fine Art print, 36.96 x 20.8 inches

I spent two days with the Conservation Arborist teams observing and documenting their work. They are highly skilled and have spent years training and putting this in practice. It's physically and mentally challenging and involves working in all weathers in a difficult environment but the upside is that climbing can also be quite exhilarating. They are working on a conservation program of re-pollarding trees and wood pasture restoration. To the untrained eye their work in the forest may look destructive but they are clearly passionate about the whole forest ecosystem and maintaining biodiversity.

Slideshow with soundbites on YouTube