Marion Sidebottom

Photographer & Artist, MA, ARPS, RHS Silver Gilt

Photomontage 'Come & Find the Wishing Tree'

Come & find the wishing tree Marion Sidebottom, 2018, Giclee Fine Art print, 36.96 x 20.8 inches

In this image, Kate Sharp, a tutor from the Field Studies Council, is leading a family walking session to enable families to explore different aspects of the forest. Many of the activities were centred around trees including the 'Wishing Tree'. The children were tasked to find a beautiful natural object and then place it into the hollow tree whilst making their wish. They were encouraged to notice the little things around them such as seeds, leaves, twigs, stones and to feel the texture of bark. This was a session for all the senses. Some of these children live in the City so the forest environment is a way to get closer to nature.

Slideshow with soundbites on YouTube