Marion Sidebottom

Photographer & Artist, MA, ARPS, RHS Silver Gilt

Photomontage 'You Can't See the Trees for the Woods'

You can't see the trees for the woods Marion Sidebottom, 2018, Giclee Fine Art print, 36.96 x 20.8 "

'You can't see the trees for the woods' is a phrase coined by the Head of Conservation Dr Jeremy Dagley due to the amount of ancient & veteran trees in Epping Forest. He has worked in the forest for decades and his passion for the forest and as a naturalist enthuses the people around him. His role is a delicate balancing act between nature, people and organisational needs whilst under financial pressures. The group at the bottom of the picture are attendees of the Ancient Tree Forum conference in 2017 & a concordat was signed for Epping Forest to work in partnership them. This also coincided with the 800th anniversary year of the Forest Charter.

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