Below are a range of interesting & varied talks suitable for Camera Clubs & Societies, U3A & WI Groups & can be adapted for students studying photography at schools, colleges & universities.

Each talk lasts approximately 2 hours with a short break

Cost £50 per talk & £70 for a practical workshop (plus mileage if applicable)

All talks are currently delivered online

Self Portrait Inside the Pulpit Oak

You Can't See the Trees for the Woods

I was the Artist-in-Residence for one year at the City of London Corporation’s Epping Forest, funded by Arts Council England. I explored how visual images can engage people’s interest in ancient trees and the forest by showing them from many different viewpoints using photography. The project includes quirky ancient tree portraits, documentary photography, colourful landscapes, and photo montages. During the project I went up 100 feet up into the forest canopy with the Conservation Arborists, studied woodland ecology with the Field Studies Council, tagged along with walking groups, conservation volunteers and spent time with a mycologist and naturalist. The project culminated with 3 exhibitions, 2nd place in a category of International Garden Photographer of the Year and an RHS Silver Gilt Medal. This is a diverse project so there should be something of interest for everyone.

More info on project including photo galleries HERE

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Iceland in a Campervan

I cannot begin to explain how I feel about Iceland, breathing in the fresh air on top of a glacier makes you feel alive and in the moment. Climbing waterfalls, standing between two tectonic plates, descending into an ice cave or lying on the floor looking up to a ceiling of basalt columns. My talk, illustrated with photographs, will take you on a visual journey into the power of nature during my road trip around Iceland.

Gallery HERE

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Botanical Studio Photography

Learn how to create stunning close-up images of plants, seed heads and other botanical subjects in a simple indoor studio that you can recreate at home using minimal equipment. The talk will start with inspiration from past and present botanical photographers and then talk about different studio set ups and how to set up your camera for close-up and macro photography. I hope to inspire you to get creative effects with lighting, backgrounds, viewpoint, composition and colour. I will give examples of post processing. Q&A as time permits.

A follow-on practical workshop is also available.

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