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Glass Beadmaking Workshops

Lampworking, also known as flameworking, is the ancient glass working process used to make glass beads

To make a glass bead, rods of glass are melted and wound carefully around a clay coated steel mandrel to form a bead using a hot flame. The bead is then decorated further by adding more glass, metals, frits and enamels and can also be manipulated with various tools and heat to create beautiful designs

Beginners Glass Beadmaking Courses

Half Day Taster 9:00am – 12:00pm or 1pm – 4pm (£65 per person)

Each student will have their own workstation and Nortel dual-fuel torch. You will learn how to make a round bead, gravity bead, pull stringer, add dots and use gravity and heat to shape the glass. If time permits, we will go on to further techniques such as raked stringer designs and adding coloured frits

Subjects Covered:

• Making a round bead using heat and gravity

• Pulling stringer

• Adding dots

• Using tools to work with glass (including presses)

• Adding frit

• Raking stringer

• Other subjects as needed


• 3 Hour Workshop

• Course Notes

• All Materials used

• Your Beads, annealed, cleaned & posted to you

• You keep the beads that I demonstrate

Please Note:

You will need to wear long sleeved, cotton or natural fibre clothing (polyester melts!). Occasionally clothing may be damaged by hot glass. No shorts, open necklines or open toed sandals. Safety glasses will be provided & must be worn

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